Suki stands for simplistic sophistication: a natural extension of the self.”

Suki Eyewear is well-known for its unique uses of strong titanium that are light, comfortable, hypoallergenic, resists wear and retains coloration like no other metal, making it the ideal go-to frame.


The innovative aesthetic design of the Suki frame captures modernity and are under-laid with two-toned wearable colors on the outer layers of the front and back side of the frame. The frame was designed with a sharp clean feel using contemporary shapes and strong thin layers of lightweight titanium to enhance its desired characteristics.


All Suki frames use the highest quality material in lightweight titanium glasses that are 40% lighter than normal metal frames. The rigid plastic nose pads, screwed hinges, and acetate temple tips can be easily bent to adapt to the shape of the face and can accommodate the wearer’s needs.

Introducing: Suki by Hamamoto Collection

In 2018, Suki collaborated with Hamamoto, a Japanese eyewear factory that’s often used by renowned designer brands, to create the one of a kind: Suki by Hamamoto collection.


Established in 1972 and handmade in Japan, Hamamoto frames feature acetate strengthened by an ultra-thin titanium core. This creates lightweight, thin frames that are incredibly strong.

Suki Eyewear

Suki, on the other hand, is well-known for unique and eye-catching coloring and quality titanium. Each Suki frame is incredibly wearable but has a pop of color to add character to every frame and individual who wears them.

The Suki by Hamamoto Collection was exquisitely made with perfectly designed color, style, and build. Each model is named after a season of the year and a corresponding plant. Introducing: Plum Blossom 梅 (Winter), Orchid 蘭 (Spring), Bamboo 竹 (Summer), and Chrysanthem 菊 (Autumn).

Suki Eyewear is truly a unique eyewear brand, with designs that don’t seek to stand out, but blend in–a natural extension for the wearer. Their glasses are extremely lightweight, modern, and one-of-a-kind, perfect for enhancing looks without being too ostentatious. You won’t find anything else like it.

Photo and Film by Jiayi Liang (
Instagram: @jyl_llgl